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SKYTech is a global marketing distributor for parts, military components and materials, aircraft components, and electro-mechanical parts and hardware. We operate on both a small and large scale. 

On a smaller scale, SKYTech is a distributor of high-tech computers, networking and test equipment and other related spare parts from reputable manufacturers. We also have relationships within major manufacturing and contract manufacturing entities.


On a larger scale, we distribute to Military & Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, and other departments that require larger and higher-quality components. In each of these facets, many different types of components are distributed to allow for companies and organizations to develop their infrastructures as best as possible.

We buy and sell quality equipment and all of our products are tested in the state-of-the-art facility to guarantee quality and functionality. Our focus is to deliver complete component and hardware sourcing services to OEMs and contract manufacturers (CMs) in the aerospace, military, commercial and telecom industries. We are constantly tasked with meeting the critical supply demands of a significant percentage of their production needs. SKYTech promises to deliver cost-effective and reliable solutions for your infrastructure investment.

With over three decades of long and large local, national, and international work, we assure our customers maximum efficiency and reliability. We look forward to extending our services to you.

What is SKYTech?

SKYTech Global Marketing

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