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About Us

In today's constantly-changing technological industries, locating and delivering necessary parts is paramount. Even more paramount is receiving those parts at their best quality and at their best price. We at SKYTech have years of experience in the many areas of the technology market, including the Aerospace and Defense industries. We are focused on providing professional distribution domestically and internationally, and at the best cost and quality.

We are a distributor of various facets. We specialize in many computer-related components and networking equipment, as well as aircraft parts, military parts, ground support equipment, and maritime parts.

We provide distribution support for government agencies around the globe, prime contractors, contract manufacturers, and brokers. Customer satisfaction is what drives us. Accessing the needs of our customers as well as utilizing industry-leading technology are the foremost priorities of SKYTech.

SKYTech began because the industry critically needed it. Major companies had a demand for specialized hardware, and no way to properly locate or vet for it. For instance, there is international demand for Aerospace and Defense technology. By utilizing company networking in many countries with relevant information, we've been able to expand our presence, productivity, and professionalism across the globe.

We know this industry because we've operated within it for over 20 years. Our history allows us to know the real needs of our customers, and address them accordingly and efficiently. Quality, timeline, and professionalism are what give our customers the comfort of knowing that they will receive what they need, when they need it, and at the highest quality.

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